Video: Florinda Meza, living but dead inside
Video: Florinda Meza, living but dead inside

Video: Florinda Meza, living but dead inside

Los Ángeles, (ENTRAVISION). – Actress and writer Florinda Meza was almost 22 years old when she fell in love with Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito), with whom she shared 45 consecutive years together until his death a year ago, separated them.

Gossipers and those who insist on living in the past may say a thousand things of “Doña Florinda”; if she cheated with Carlos Villagrán (Kiko), Ruben Aguirre (Professor Jirafales) and that she had more love and respect for “Satanás,” the cat of “Doña Clotilde, the witch from apartment 71,” then for her husband.

What few people speak of is that time has been the witness of Florinda Meza, because no woman can be happy living with someone who they do not love for 45 years. Her love for “Robert” is why she even resigned motherhood. For the sake of “Robert”, is why now she is trying to find how to make this life make sense again.

Meza admitted this, last Saturday, after Mass in the French Pantheon of the Mercy, in the Mexican capital, where the first death anniversary of Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito), was commemorated.

Florinda Meza initially lost patience at how members of the media did not respect her husband’s grave. “Don’t destroy the tomb,” she cried.

“I thought you had respect for Robert. I thought you had love for him…none of this (the disorder) shows love or respect…Look you broke a cross,” expressed the actress, who compromised herself to pay for all the damages that the media supposedly ruined at the cemetary.”

A much more calm, Florinda Meza speaks of what few would have imagined. “You ask me if it was a difficult year, of course it was. Tell me, who can meet Roberto Gómez Bolaños and then live without him? Even God wanted Roberto with him and so he took him away. I’m trying to survive and struggling every day to try and survive and survive and survive to feel alive again,”confessed the woman who decades ago made millions of people laugh with her characters of not only “Doña Florinda ” in “El Chavo del 8“, but also of “Chimoltrufia” and “La Popis“, among others.

Florinda Meza, who produced the soap opera La Dueña, who starred Angelica “La Gaviota” Rivera, now first lady of Mexico, attempts to revive the days she spent writing, but without her “Robert”, who died on November 28, 2014 at age 85, nothing seems to motivate her.

With maturity, Florinda Meza did not lose the opportunity on Saturday to defend the 6 children of “Chespirito” -all products from a previous marriage with Graciela Fernandez (RIP) – and who decided to remember their father in an intimate ceremony.

“We all have a very different way to grieve our sorrow and pain and they are living their life as they know it. Everyone lives their grief differently and my heart goes out to them because they are the product of my Robert. Because seeing, touching or caressing them is like doing it to my Robert, it’s what’s left of him”.

She defended her decision to hold a public mass, because this way she would honor his legacy of “Chespirito” who she says “lived for people. He loved the people, that is why he always had a friendly smile and a friendly greeting … He wanted to make people happy. “

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